slowing down

As you may have noticed, I’m not one of those weekly (or even monthly) bloggers. I used to author a blog where I’d pressure myself, at minimum, to post new content every other day. Of course looking back I realize that was an unrealistic goal to have. So with this blog I made it a … More slowing down

struggling & settling

Life has been a true struggle for me lately. I’ve questioned, I’ve doubted, and I’ve lost site of visions and dreams. I’ve felt inadequate, I’ve felt terrified, and I’ve beat myself up with bruises to show for it. I’m still not where I want to be in life but I’m closer than I once was. … More struggling & settling

Words . . .

. . . “Words fall to the ground post falling from your lips. Breaking, shattering into fragments on the floor. / Opening wounds like a package, delicately unraveling scars you never meant to expose. You think before you speak, but no good comes from it. / How many times have you stared yourself in the … More Words . . .

Making Space

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been cleaning my room (I still live at home, and yes, it’s taken me weeks to clean. I’m busy, what can I say). And although it’s an extremely tiny bedroom, I managed to accumulate so much stuff. I’m not saying that I’m a hoarder of things or a … More Making Space

Ships & Currents

“Is pain inescapable? Is the current that binds also the current that pulls you away? What is pain truly? / These wounds I’ve tarried, carried, and buried. Deep within the depths of me, there is you. I cannot pretend or hide anymore. You know all that is seen within the eyes of self. You know … More Ships & Currents

Anxious Heart

I woke up this morning with a lot of things running through my mind. And they weren’t just “things”, they were things I built into worries. Yep. I built a little worry house, complete with a screened-in front porch and patio chairs to sit on. That’s me, one to make mountains out of molehills. And … More Anxious Heart